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Tai Chi Softball (Taiji Rouliqiu) Course in China

SCIC provides a Tai Chi Softball course for both individuals and groups who are interested in learning a new Tai Chi exercise in China. Tai Chi Softball exercise was created based on the principle of Yin & Yang, and is played by using a specially made rubber racket and softball. It emphasises exercising every joint and muscle in the body, and has become increasingly popular among the senior people at parks and public places in China. It is easy and fun to play and is recognized as an effective exercise to prevent illness and cure shoulder, back and joint problems. If you are a Tai Chi Fan who intends to promote and teach this new exercise in your country, this is a great opportunity for you.


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Available Course:

1 day (1 hour to 4 hours)
2 days (1 hour to 4 hours)
3 days (1 hour to 4 hours)
4 days (1 hour to 4 hours)
5 days (1 hour to 4 hours)

1 week Intensive
2 weeks Intensive
3 weeks Intensive
4 weeks Intensive
5 weeks Intensive
6 Weeks Intensive

Study Contents

-Basic movements
-Spin techniques
-Pair playingGroup playing
-International Competition Forms

Instructors & Teachers

SCIC provides you with highly experienced teachers and experts from schools and associations. All of them are devoted to providing high quality training for all students, from total beginners to participants competing in national Tai Chi Softball competitions. More info